Sugar Salt Glow
Caribbean cane sugar combined with mineral sea salts are used to exfoliate dry skin. A light massage follows leaving you with a smooth supple feeling all over.
Back Relief Treatments
Our latest skin care treatment for your back. This soothing treatment cleanses, conditions, exfoliates and removes the impurities of a back prone to break-outs or dehydration. The perfect treatment for those planning to expose their skin.
Rosemary Mint Awakening Treatment
This is a full body treatment. You will experience dry brushing exfoliation, followed by a full body relaxation massage with the cooling Rosemary Mint Body Lotion.
Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment
The Caribbean Therapy Body Treatment features plant ingredients and massage techniques from the Caribbean. An effective treatment for the elimination of toxins through the active ingredients found in seaweed which are strategically placed on the back and feet, the body's natural detox zones. You will receive a light full body massage with warm towels. Please do not shave before the day of your service.